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Six Best Shoes To Wear After Foot Injury In 2023

After suffering from a foot injury, you need to be careful about the shoes that you wear. You need to be sure that you don’t choose the wrong ones that put more pressure on the injured area. Feet are very sensitive parts of your anatomy. Today we will discuss Best Shoes to Wear After Foot Injury. The slightest damage can lead to excruciating pain. Since our feet are the most relied upon parts of our body, it is imperative that we put them in the best of care

When they are not in good condition, we cannot even stand up straight. If they are damaged beyond repair, then we are definitely in big trouble. Foot injuries and fractures are very common and they can take a long time to heal. While your injury is healing it is important that you try and support your foot as best you can to prevent further injury and promote healing.

There are many different types of foot injuries that can arise. Some of these injuries are severe enough to require surgery. While others just need to be rested to reduce pain and prevent injury. Whatever the case, if you have an injury to your foot. It is important to understand the types of shoes you should or shouldn’t wear.

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1. SUPVOX Post-Op Shoe Lightweight Medical Walking Boot

When you’re struggling to get out of bed, this is the perfect post-op shoe. These lightweight medical shoes are easy for nurses and doctors. They have a handy adjustable strap design so they can be easily put on or taken off your feet. They also have a reinforced side open design with a special metal shank to protect against over-exertion. Which means it won’t fill weirdly as you shift around in them.

After you’ve had surgery to help your leg heal, get back on your feet with the lighter weight that these medical boots provide. Support is second only to comfort in making sure that you will be upon two feet again without any more complications.

2. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

It’s time to kick off those dreary white, bulky dressings that never stay dry and neglected feet could do with a little care. Welcome the ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe we know these shoes are just what you need. Wearable on either foot and for post-op and forefoot trauma. They mean less fuss and bother for you as well as better protection for your healing toes. 

With its high ankle strapping, rocker soles, and square toe design. This shoe is ready to take on anything from gentle ambulation right through to rushing around at work. Designed with the everyday person in mind, perfect for daytime wear or worn. Anytime during recovery without fear of them slipping off or compromising.

3. Evenup Shoe Leveler, Medium

Evenup is adjustable to give you the height that best fits your needs and then attaches securely onto your shoe. Once on it will help you regain balance, thus reducing any pain in the hips, knees, or legs. It also helps reduce stress on back muscles which are often overworked when using an injured limb as support during walking therapy.

This shoe is perfect for people with shorter limbs while wearing a walking cast. We offer two thicknesses of the product to make sure you don’t feel like your feet are off the ground while waiting on that other shoe to heal. 

It fits easily over any kind of shoe and has an elastic clasp that simply lines up with Velcro straps, which hold Evenup securely in place. For extra shock absorption, we even include non-skid rubber soles.

4. BraceAbility Closed Toe Medical Walking Shoe

A closed-toe design for a wide variety of injuries and post-op recovery. It features a large, closed square toe box, allowing extra room for swelling, bandages, sock, or cast. Protect your foot from further injury or pain with this rocker bottom sole. It is available in sizes Small through XL and comes with a non-skid tread which provides extra stability while walking following surgery.

Plus, the soles of these shoes are non-skid treads and provide extra stability when walking post-surgery. If you’ve had surgery on them, lifting your foot up high in the air is often very painful. Our closed-toe medical walking shoes come with a rocker bottom sole. To make it easier for you to take steps while following doctor’s orders.

5. United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

This United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot is durable and sturdy for all of your walking needs. The air bladders offer custom compression as well as increased comfort and support to protect against any fracture or sprain you might have. This fracture boot promotes natural walking due to its rocker sole, shock-absorbing insole. The stability stabilizer aims to reduce movement on uneven ground surfaces. While still promoting a good range of motion for your foot.

Rocker sole promotes natural walking during use. Which is highly beneficial when recovering from a major injury like this one. With the comfort and compression that the air bladders offer. You’ll get back to living life to the fullest sooner.

6. Vive Post Op Shoe Lightweight Medical Walking Boot

Ensuring a safe and secure fit, this shoe is adjustable for right or left foot use. Complete with a protective square toe design to accommodate casts or bandages on the left or right foot. The Vive post-op walking boot offers tremendous support and protection following surgery/injury.

With right and left customizable straps to accommodate casts and bandages. This walking boot also has the added convenience of a waterproof element. The special design of our waterproof walking boot protects your toes. While providing a secure fit to prevent further injury or accidents during high-risk settings including doctor’s offices.


There are many options to consider when deciding what shoes you should wear after a foot injury. These can provide the support that your feet need without sacrificing style or comfort. Regardless of which type of footwear you choose to wear post-injury. Make sure that they are not too tight as this could lead to additional aches and pains. Elsewhere in your body such as knees and hips