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12 Best Xbox Steering Wheels in 2023 [Buying Guide]

Steering wheels are one of the most essential accessories for your Xbox. If you are a big fan of racing simulators or racing games in general, then you may already own the Best Xbox Steering Wheels for your Xbox. Similarly, If you don’t own one yet, don’t worry because there are tons of steering wheels, and are easily available in the market. Indeed, If you don’t know which one is best for you, we are here to help you with that.

We will show you some of the basic steering wheels which are light on budget and we will also show you the best exquisite one which is a little expensive but is worth the price you pay for it. I myself have used steering wheels on my PC because most of these steering wheels are compatible with windows also, some are even compatible with PlayStation.

I have used the Logitech G920 and I still have it. These wheels come with adjusted floor pedals. It maintains a more realistic driving body position. It also has a separate floor pedal unit which includes the throttle/accelerator. Brake And clutch pedals. This will let you to comfortably accelerate brake and change gear making you feel like you are driving an actual car.

These steering wheels provide you with immersive driving simulation, their dual-motor force feedback technology makes you feel every tire slip and change of track and ground. They have stainless steel paddles and hand-stitched leather-covered wheels which gives you the feel of a luxury car. Now to take the racing simulation to the next level there is a dedicated shifter that will definitely make you feel like a real racer.

Presentation Of The Best Xbox Steering Wheels

Now, in my opinion, steering wheels are definitely worth the experience. Steering can provide you with better control of a car in a driving or a racing simulator game. The added level of fun makes it worth the price of a steering wheel. But some people don’t like racing games, so they don’t need a steering wheel, but you need a good steering wheel that’s why you are here.

However, there is always a question regarding the prices of these steering wheels. They are said to be very expensive and no doubt that they are. They are expensive for a very simple reason that they are made out of high-quality materials like the hand made leather on the steering wheel, and the technology used in these steering wheels is very advanced. Now generally the prices of these racing wheels depend majorly on their built quality.

On the entry-level, the cheapest price of a steering wheel can be anywhere around $50 to $150 and for midrange, the expected price range can be around $150 to $300 and above that would be premium quality. You can also use two steering wheels on an Xbox One. Keep in mind that the old Xbox 360 steering wheels will not be compatible with the Xbox One or series X, so you will have to buy new ones for the new Xbox. Maybe you can find the ideal one for you here.

Now, these products are available on Amazon, and we will give a link that will direct you to the product available on amazon. Let’s start exploring the best Xbox steering wheels and make sure that you won’t use a controller for playing racing and simulator games.

1. Logitech G920:

The Logitech G920 was released in 2015 and is still considered to be the best all-around steering wheel. It is not the cheapest but is totally worth the price with the experience it provides.

It was considered the king of steering wheels at that time and it can still outrun some of the modern days steering wheels. Logitech is an ideal choice for any type of gamer either you are a newbie or an expert. It comes in a pedal pack that includes a clutch, brake, and an accelerator

This Steering wheel works both on Xbox and Pc, it has realistic force feedback to it and has easy access to game controls. The Pedal height: 6.57 inches, Width 16.87 inches, Depth 12.24 inches, Wheel height 10 inches, Width 10 inches, Depth 10 inches. It has realistic pedals and has 900 degrees rotation. The shifter however needs to be bought separately

This bundle also contains this shifter on amazon. It adds realistic shifting to your racing. It is a durable solid steel gear shifter and has a hand-stitched leather boot knob cover. Includes six-speed shifters and push down reverse option. It is compatible with the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. The weight of this gear shifter is 1.66 pounds. The price of this bundle on Amazon is $309.98 and without the gear shifter, its price is $279.99.


  • Pedal Pack
  • Realistic force feedback
  • Easy access to game controls
  • Leather boot knob cover
  • Great Compatibility


  • No Gear Shifter

2. Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel:

Jump to the next steering wheel on our list with the two up-and-down metal paddle shifters.

You can control your console and in-game menus with the nine replica action buttons, including View and Menu buttons, a two-position Manettino, an Xbox Guide button, and an Engine-Start D-pad.

Enjoy this authentic look and design that delivers a replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel with a realistic 28cm diameter, two red rubber-textured grips, and metal construction. The handle turns with adjustable wheel sensitivity and four included presets that allow precise driving.

Taking on the tracks with an authentic feel because of the wheel base’s Bungee Cord mechanism which delivers linear resistance, automatic centering, and rotation angle up to 240°.

It has a central clamping system that secures the racing wheel to your desk or table for optimal stability. Has a two-pedal set, which features a wide footrest and the ability to adjust each pedal. This steering wheel is officially licensed by Ferrari and Xbox One.


  • Nine replica action buttons
  • Two-position Manettino
  • Guide button
  • Two-pedal set
  • Automatic centering


  • Expensive

3. Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel:

Next on our list will be Thrustmaster TX racing wheel, Thrustmaster is offering, in a single, limited edition package, a set of incredibly precise racing controllers available at amazon.

Thrustmaster is famous in the world of racing simulations for PC and for Xbox One. Works on Xbox Series X. It has hand-stitched leather wheels, which are 11”/28 cm hand-stitched leather. 900-degree force feedback.

It is fully adjustable and a Conical Rubber Brake Mod is included. For even greater realism, the pack includes the T3PA pedal set,  three pedals, and a 100% metal internal structure.

The pedal set is adjustable and the brake pedal comes with a Conical Rubber Brake Mod, ensuring resistance.


  • Hand-stitched leather wheels
  • 900-degree force feedback
  • Conical Rubber Brake Mod
  • Metal internal structure
  • Adjustable pedal set


  • Fragile

4. HORI Racing Wheel:

This steering Wheel is for PlayStation and PC. This steering wheel is for those players who want a simple but powerful racing experience.

It has all the key features covered by a decent quality racing wheel also providing comfort because hours of gaming can tire you but HORI provides sturdy pedals with a footrest and a soft rubberized wheel grip.

You can also change the sensitivity of the wheel while driving giving you full immersed control. It has a maximum of 270-degree rotation. HORI also provides an arcade racer mode which has 180-degree rotation.

As for game compatibility, this HORI gaming steering wheel can be used on Dirt 3, GTA V, Project Cars, and other basic car games.


  • Soft rubberized wheel grip
  • Sturdy pedals with a footrest
  • Full immersed controls
  • Maximum of 270-degree rotation
  • Arcade racer mode


  • Simple Design
  • Average Quality

5. Thrustmaster TS-XW Racing Wheel:

The first milestone of the collaboration between Thrustmaster and Sparco the TS-XW Racer is a racing wheel with a highly realistic design, inspired by competition: a 1:1 scale replica of the Sparco P310 Competition wheel.

The wheel is officially licensed for both Xbox One and Windows (PC), and also includes all official Xbox One buttons to facilitate switching between the game, system menus, social features, and so on. The wheel is compatible with Windows.

TS-XW Racer brings together the best possible elements by incorporating all of Thrustmaster’s recent advanced technologies concerning wheels while getting even closer to real-world car racing than ever before, thanks to the involvement of the world-famous Sparco auto parts and accessories company.

The wheel employs Force Feedback via a powerful 40-watt brushless servomotor with a Motor Cooling Embedded cooling system (patent pending): optimal performance is maintained even with intensive use during the longest virtual racing competitions. The TS-XW Racer features an ergonomic design and is wrapped with genuine suede leather.

Racing Wheel – Best Xbox Steering Wheels

It features 2 tall sequential paddle shifters, 14 action buttons, and 1 directional pad with a push-button function. It is perfectly adapted for all racing games (GT, F1, NASCAR, Indy, road racing, etc).

The wheel incorporates a dual belt-pulley system with an axle mounted on metal ball-bearings. Its angle of rotation can be adjusted from 270° all the way to 1080°. The wheel’s pedal set is large, solid, and adjustable, with a 100% metal structure. The pedals are adjustable in terms of spacing, inclination, and height, and a Conical Rubber Brake Mod is included for the brake pedal.

TS-XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod is compatible with the entire Thrustmaster racing product ecosystem (pedal sets, detachable wheels, gear shifter), giving drivers the flexibility to equip themselves with all of the gear they need to win races.

This just might be the most expensive on our list with a price range of $699 on amazon. The TS-XW is a 1:1 scale replica of the Sparco P310 wheel and is officially licensed for both Xbox and Windows.

It also works on the new Xbox Series X. The wheel employs Force Feedback via a powerful 40-watt brushless servo motor with a Motor Cooling Embedded cooling system, for constant performance even with intensive use during the longest competitions. The wheel has a dual belt pulley system and ball bearing for extremely smooth performance.


  • Compatible with Windows
  • Motor Cooling Embedded cooling system
  • Genuine suede leather
  • 2 tall sequential paddle shifters
  • Dual belt pulley system


  • Costly
  • Not Suitable For Beginners

6. Thrustmaster T300 RS:

The T300RS  wheel allows gamers to really take the plunge into the world of racing, and use their driving skills for better performance. Thrustmaster has taken great care to create the perfect solution for any gamer trying to go to the next level in their racing games.

The T300RS provides an unrivaled immersion, for a pure connection with the road. A genuine brushless servo industrial Force Feedback motor (with frictionless action), combined with a new 1080 degree dual-belt system delivers super-smooth and quiet Force Feedback with incredibly responsive, realistic Force effects to really feel the road.

Officially Licensed PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 High-End Racing Simulator; 1080 degree Force Feedback base featuring an industrial-class brushless motor; Detachable Racing GT Style Wheel.

This wheel is compatible with all 3 major platforms which include the Playstation, Xbox, and Windows. It is compatible with all mounts (desks/tables/cockpits/etc) and has a realistic: 11″ diameter racing wheel.


  • Unrivaled immersion
  • 1080 degree dual-belt system
  • Incredibly responsive
  • Realistic 11 diameter racing wheel
  • Brush less servo industrial Force Feedback motor


  • Weak Structure

7. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback:

Next will be the Thrust master TMX Force feedback which includes a 900° force feedback base mixed belt-pulley and gears system metal ball-bearing axle. The wheel is a Realistic “competition” wheel design: 11”/28 centimeter in diameter, with an ergonomic design perfectly adapted for all racing games.

It has the Xbox One certified embedded software so when you connect the racing wheel it is automatically recognized by the Xbox One, compatible in the console’s menus, compatible with all Xbox One racing games supporting racing wheels. Also compatible with PC ensured thanks to the Thrustmaster drivers.

Now it has a large, optimized pedal set with a wide footrest, each pedal’s angle of inclination can be adjusted, brake pedal with progressive resistance. It is the Official Racing Simulator for Xbox One and Windows with a 900 Degree Force Feedback. Realistic 11”/28 cm wheel.

ThrustMaster – Best Xbox Steering Wheels

The drive system with adjustable Force Feedback lets you feel every detail while you’re racing (the road or track’s relief, loss of tire grip, braking, bumps and impacts, and more). The rotation angle is adjustable from 270 to 900 degrees.

A mixed belt-pulley and gears system is smoother, more fluid, and less noisy than helical gears, with a metal ball-bearing axle for enhanced sturdiness.

The Thrustmaster TMX comes alongside some very impressive technical specs: the end result is a high-performance wheel that is both solidly-built and precise, delivering unrivaled flexibility for gamers of all levels – from beginners to experienced racers – and on all types of racing circuits.


  • 900° force feedback base
  • Gears system metal ball-bearing axle
  • Wonderful Design
  • Compatible with PC
  • Optimized pedal set with a wide footrest


  • Average Performance

8. Logitech G29

This one doesn’t need much introduction because of the fame it carries. The definitive simulator racing wheel for PlayStation has realistic steering and pedal action for the latest racing titles. It is built to last because of its solid build.

Durable solid ball bearings, stainless steel shifter and pedals, and hand-stitched leather wheel grip. Another feature is its dual-motor force feedback which realistically simulates the racing experience with smooth and quiet helical gearing.

It has easy access to game controls on the wheel D-pad, console buttons, paddle shifters, and LED indicator lights. Has a responsive floor pedal unit, you can accelerate, brake, and change gears with the feel of an actual car.

The definitive sim racing wheel for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Driving Force is designed for the latest racing game titles for your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 console. Add Driving Force to your controller selection and you may never want to race with a regular controller again.

With dual-motor force feedback, on wheel controls, and responsive pedals, G29 makes racing feel like the real deal. It is PC and PS both compatible.


  • Stainless steel shifter
  • Dual-motor force feedback
  • Responsive floor pedal unit
  • LED indicator lights
  • Helical gearing


  • Noisy

9. PXN V3II Racing Wheel

This one is compatible with a lot. This wheel is for PC, Computer, Laptop, PS3, SWITCH, PS4, XBOX. Its features include its compatibility factor. It’s a built-in dual vibrator motor which brings you a more realistic racing experience. It has 180 turning angles and a rubber grip.

Has a collapsible simulation pedals with Gas and Braking control. Strong suction cups and C-type fixed bracket, which means that it is easy to fix on different surfaces. The dead zone of direction, refueling, and braking is adjustable in D-input mode.

Its whole package, which is available on Amazon, includes 1x Racing Wheel with 2M USB Cable, 1 x Pedal, 1x C Type Fixed Bracket, 1x CD, 1x User Manual.

A note when using this steering wheel, when using XBOX ONE/PS4, you need to connect this steering wheel with the original controllers of XBOX ONE/PS4. The CD with the driver is for PC. Usually, no need for a CD, as your computer will install the driver automatically when connected with this racing wheel.

For the suction cups on the bottom, they can fix firmly when the table is smooth. If you wipe the suction cups and your table with a wet towel before sucking, it will be more effective.


  • Dual vibrator motor
  • 180 turning angles
  • Rubber grip
  • Collapsible simulation pedals
  • Adjustable Braking


  • Need original controllers

10. Fanatec CSL Elite:

Racing fans will have a ball with the Fanatec. Setting this gaming steering wheel up is not an easy small task, but it is a lot of fun for racing fans. With smooth rotations and strong force feedback, your efforts do not go to waste.

Anyone scouting for gaming steering wheel models may know that the Fanatec CSL elite is not Fantaec’s only offering. There are definitely other choices that may provide richer simulations. However, the CSL Elite makes it on this list because of its versatility and user-friendly features.

This is a racing kit that does not hold back in giving you the best gaming experience. Its setup is immersive: 1080-degree rotation, direct sensors, and adjustable force feedback.

These are only the tip of the iceberg. Another huge bonus in setting this up yourself, from wheel to pedal, is that you can customize this how you want to. It gives you the freedom to drive cars however you want.


  • 1080-degree rotation
  • Direct sensors
  • Adjustable force feedback
  • Customize able
  • User-friendly features


  • Incompatibilities

11. Subsonic SuperDrive:

The next entry in our list is the Subsonic Superdrive. It is a wired steering wheel, with 180° rotation. It is delivered with 2 pedals. 2 paddles for gear shifting, has sensitivity adjustment, is equipped with suction pads.

Because of its programming function, the Driving Wheel is compatible with all games on the market including Gran Turismo Sport – Forza motorsport 7 – Drive club – Project Cars – Forza Horizon – GTA V – Farming Simulator.

This steering wheel is mainly for those gamers who switch gaming consoles. Its negative will include its limited rotation and its suction cups are not good for any surface. But its positives include its compatibility, its budget, its quality design, and game options. So if you switch consoles and are low on budget, you can go with this option.


  • 2 paddles for gear shifting
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Quality design
  • Game options
  • Best In Budget


  • Not For Beginners
  • Limited rotation

12. Serafim R1+ Racing Wheel:

The last one on our list will be the Serafim R1. It is also one of the most compatible steering wheels. It supports the gaming platforms: XBOX ONE / PS4 / PS3 / Switch / PC / iOS / Android.

Yes, you can connect your phone too. It is equipped with a pedal, steering wheel, and innovative Serafim phone holder. Likewise, allowing you to play racing games on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PC, Switch, iOS & Android.

Gone are the days when you had to buy a separate wheel for every platform. It is the world’s first mobile compatible wheel. Its app is compatible with almost all of the popular mobile racing games.

The responsiveness of the pedal system can handle even the most aggressive of drivers. and the steering wheel is robust enough to handle even the tightest curves. It is a quality build and a 1-year warranty is offered with this product.  This steering wheel is a limited product so if you want one, best buy one now.


  • Innovative Serafim phone holder
  • Superb responsiveness
  • Equipped with a pedal
  • Mobile compatible wheel
  • Good Quality


  • Noisy
  • Average Performance

Conclusive Comments:

As we know that the world is improving day by day in terms of gaming & Technology. Every time we see new inventions & majestical gadgets that will really impress you by its quality & the work. So far we have discussed the best-known Steering Wheels of all time & these are the most used ones in the industry of gaming.

These are some of the reliable and great quality products. Similarly, the pricing and specifications are good enough for professional gamers to use it in their daily life. Features and characteristics are unique and enjoyable of these Best Best Xbox Steering Wheels.

Furthermore, Xbox is the main gaming console that everybody uses to play the games of their dreams in order to enjoy their life. Most of the time individuals prefer racing games as compared to fighting games so these Best Xbox Steering Wheels are suitable for this kind of game.

Moreover, Best Xbox Steering Wheels make the games more interesting and enjoyable because it adds great functionality and a sense of amazement in the playing style of a racing game. People often play GTA games with these Best Xbox Steering Wheels as well.

They are best in standard and great in terms of specifications because it’s not easy to apart the 12 Best Xbox Steering Wheels in a massive number of gadgets but these are the most recommended and desirable gaming machines we got for you.